High Jewelry Special for Vogue Arabia
15 avril 2024 0

The April Issue

If you don’t know who Desiree Mattsson is, it’s definitely time to catch up. Together with her right-hand digital technician, Ruben Kristiansen, the Norwegian duo is taking over the fashion photography world. From Elle to Vogue Arabia, it is only the start of what is already an incredible career. I had the chance to welcome Desiree and Ruben to Studio La Brique Rouge for the last April Issue of Vogue Arabia, dedicated to High Jewelry.

I was surprised and humbled by their work, and truthfully, I also had a blast. It is refreshing to meet talented people who carry good energy wherever they go, somehow defying the stereotypes of the industry. Ruben is a true digital master, and Desiree, well, you just have to take a quick look at her pictures to appreciate her craft and talent.

This special edition, focused on high jewelry, features Bulgari’s exquisite pieces gracefully worn by Abrar Mohamed. The elegant looks showcased in Vogue Arabia were styled by Pablo Patané. The collaboration brought together remarkable talents and stunning jewelry, and it was a privilege to observe everyone’s work and be part of it.

Everytime Vogue Arabia comes to the studio, unexpected encounters seem to take place. Sometimes we seem to forget that behind every beautiful picture is a team of people working together to get the perfect shot. Today I would like to take the time to thank that team : it has been a pleasure.

Credits :

Photography: @desiree_mattsson
Style: @pablo_patane
Makeup: @danielkolaricmakeup
Nails: @nafissadjabi
Model: @xabrarm
Digital operator: @ruben_kristiansen
Studio: @studio.labriquerouge
Special thanks: @copains.paris

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